Fuzz-IEEE 2014, International Conference on Fuzzy Special Session on

Applications of Type-2 Fuzzy Systems (T2-A)

July 6-10, 2014, Beijing, China


Special session objectives and topics

Type-2 fuzzy logic is a paradigm which seeks to realize computationally efficient fuzzy systems with the ability to give excellent performance in the face of highly uncertain conditions. Type-2 fuzzy systems attempt to achieve this by directly modelling the uncertainties in a problem with an additional degree of freedom in the definition of membership functions.

The aim of this special session is to present and focus top quality research in the areas related to the practical aspects and applications of type-2 fuzzy systems. The session will also provide a forum for the academic community and industry to report on the recent advances on the type-2 fuzzy logic system research in the various domains of type-2 fuzzy logic. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Type-2 Applications
  • Robotics
  • Decision Making
  • Classification
  • Modelling
  • Computing with words
  • Type-2 Fuzzy Agents
  • Any other application area that deploys type-2 fuzzy logic

Contact email: christian.wagner@nottingham.ac.uk


Session Organisers

Professor Hani Hagras
The Computational Intelligence Centre
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
University of Essex
Colchester  CO4 3SQ
Phone: +44 1206 873601
Fax: +44 1206 872788
Email: hani@essex.ac.uk

Dr Christian Wagner
Horizon Digital Economy Research
& School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham,
Nottingham NG7 2TU
Phone: +44 115 74 84023
Fax: +44 115 82 32551

Email: christian.wagner@nottingham.ac.uk

Dr Dongrui Wu
Machine Learning Lab
GE Global Research
Niskayuna NY 12065
Phone: +1-213-595-3269

Email: drwu09@gmail.com